Golen Umbrella Bed and Breakfast

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Each morning, “a free-style breakfast” is served in our dining room between 8:00am to 10:00am. If you don’t get to the table at 8:00am, we will keep your breakfast in warmer trays until 10:00am. Coffee, tea and finger food will be served all day long. If you plan to leave before 8:00am, please request a “Breakfast-to-go” in advance. We also accommodate special dietary needs with advance notice. If we do not receive advanced notice, we may not be able to address your special needs.

We serve a typical America's Favorite Breakfast includes breads, muffins, meat, eggs, fruits and beverages. We also offer specialty breakfasts like sautéed fresh vegetables; stir fried meat dish and Asian style breakfast. Our breakfast menu changes daily but always provides our famous & unique mushroom sauce or bread spread to give you more choices.

Every morning from 8:00am to 10:00am in dinning room

a compliementry, full breakfast for two will be served. Coffee and finger food sereved all day long.

458 Terrace Dr. Fairbanks, Alaska  *  Phone: (907)452-6686;  (907)687-7131  *  e-mail:[email protected]